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Thomas Peterffy, a famous Hungarian-born American billionaire, has achieved an incredible net worth of $17 billion, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in Connecticut. Peterffy’s success stemmed from his career as a computer programmer, where he developed trading software, before launching his own company, Interactive Brokers, which experienced immense success and rewarded its investors with a $1 billion payout in 201. With his substantial earnings, Peterffy has also displayed a passion for horse care at his stunning estate in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Key facts:

  • Thomas Peterffy is a Hungarian-born American billionaire.
  • He is one of the richest people in Connecticut.
  • Thomas Peterffy is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an electronic brokerage firm.
  • The investors of Interactive Brokers received a $1 billion payout in 201.
  • Thomas Peterffy owns a majority share of Interactive Brokers Group, as well as IBG Holdings.

Basic Information About Thomas Peterffy

CategoryBusiness β€Ί Billionaires
ProfessionsEntrepreneur, Businessperson
Net worth$17,000,000,000
Date of birth2023-06-04 (0 years old)
Place of birthBudapest
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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The Story of Thomas Peterffy: From Budapest to American Billionaire

In the world of billionaires, one name stands out for its incredible success and pioneering spirit: Thomas Peterffy. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Thomas Peterffy is a Hungarian-born American billionaire with a net worth of $17 billion, making him one of the richest individuals in Connecticut.

Net Worth Details

Thomas Peterffy’s impressive net worth stems primarily from his ownership in Interactive Brokers Group, an electronic brokerage firm that he founded in the early 90s. He owns a staggering 74.9 percent share of the company and holds his shares through IBG Holdings, in which he also owns 88.7 percent. Peterffy’s journey of wealth began with Interactive Brokers Group’s IPO in 2007, where he earned approximately $1 billion. He has since collected a total of $3 billion worth of dividends. Despite his massive fortune, Peterffy is no stranger to fulfilling his tax obligations, having paid just under $2 billion in taxes during his career.


What makes Thomas Peterffy an intriguing figure? Let’s dive into his inspiring life and see how he became the successful billionaire he is today.

What is Thomas Peterffy known for?

Thomas Peterffy is well known for being the founder and CEO of Interactive Brokers Group, one of the most prominent electronic brokerage firms. His contributions to the finance industry have revolutionized the way people trade stocks and helped shape the digital era of investing.

Early life and education

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Thomas Peterffy’s journey to success was not without obstacles. In the mid-60s, he made a life-changing decision to move to the United States in pursuit of a better future.

Arriving in the US, Peterffy faced the challenge of adapting to a new country and language. However, his determination and resilience led him to enroll at Clark University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.


Thomas Peterffy’s career began as a computer programmer, utilizing his skills to design trading software. With a passion for trading, he bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange and started conducting his own trades.

As the financial landscape transformed with the advent of digital technologies, Peterffy seized the opportunity to revolutionize the brokerage industry. In the 199s, he founded Interactive Brokers, an electronic brokerage firm that provided traders with direct access to global markets.

The success of Interactive Brokers was nothing short of extraordinary. In 201, investors of the company received a remarkable $1 billion payout. Furthermore, the firm had an impactful role in exposing the fraudulent actions of MF Global, a failed financial firm it had planned to acquire in 2011. This revelation saved potentially millions of dollars for customers and created a lasting legacy for Thomas Peterffy.

In addition to his business ventures, Thomas Peterffy is passionate about horses. When he is not focusing on running Interactive Brokers Group, he devotes his time to taking care of the various horses on his luxurious estate in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Thomas Peterffy’s achievements extend beyond his exceptional entrepreneurial success. His contributions to the finance industry have garnered recognition and accolades over the years.

  • In 2004, Thomas Peterffy was inducted into the Futures Industry Association (FIA)’s Futures Hall of Fame.
  • He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006.
  • As a testament to his influence, Peterffy has been listed on Forbes’ list of billionaires multiple times.

It is clear that Thomas Peterffy’s impact reaches far beyond his impressive wealth. His determination, innovation, and philanthropic endeavors have made him a true role model for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

In Conclusion

Thomas Peterffy’s journey from Budapest to becoming a billionaire in America showcases a story of resilience, hard work, and an unwavering vision. His contributions to the finance industry have forever changed the way trading is conducted, cementing his status as one of the most influential individuals in the field.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Peterffy’s commitment to philanthropy and love for his horses demonstrate his multi-dimensional character. Whether he is revolutionizing the brokerage industry or caring for his beloved animals, Thomas Peterffy continues to inspire others with his remarkable journey and insatiable drive for success.

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