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Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer, and musician who has a remarkable net worth of $250 million. He has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in film salaries alone and is considered one of the highest-paid leading men in Hollywood because of his impressive blockbuster films, with the Die Hard franchise, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, and Armageddon being among his most successful movies.

Key facts:

  • Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer and musician with a net worth of $250 million.
  • He is consistently one of the highest-paid leading men in Hollywood and has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in film salaries alone.
  • He won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe for his role on Moonlighting, which was aired for five seasons from 1985 to 1989 and made him an international star.
  • Bruce Willis cemented his status as a movie star with the role of John McClane in Die Hard, earning millions from the franchise including $5 million for the first film, $7.5 million for the second film, $15 million for the third film and $25 million for the fourth film.
  • Bruce Willis gave a critically acclaimed performance in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, after which he took on successful roles in other blockbuster films such as Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Sin City and The Fifth Element.

Basic Information About Bruce Willis

Full NameBruce Willis
CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Film Producer, Television producer, Businessperson, Voice Actor, Singer, Musician, Writer, Composer
Net worth$250,000,000
Date of birth1955-03-19 (68 years old)
Place of birthIdar-Oberstein
NationalityUnited States of America
EducationMontclair State University
Curiosities and TrademarksFrequently plays a man who suffered a tragedy, had lost something or had a crisis of confidence or conscience.
Frequently plays likeable wisecracking heroes with a moral centre
Headlines action-adventures, often playing a policeman, hitman or someone in the military
Often plays men who get caught up in situations far beyond their control
Sardonic one-liners
Shaven head
Distinctive, gravelly voice
Smirky grin.
Known for playing cynical anti-heroes with unhappy personal lives
FatherDavid Willis
MotherMarlene Willis
SpouseEmma Heming Willis - (21 MarchΒ 2009 - present)Β (2 children)
Demi Moore - (21 NovemberΒ 1987 - 18 OctoberΒ 2000)Β (divorced)Β (3 children)
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ Instagram β†—οΈŽ Twitter β†—οΈŽ Facebook β†—οΈŽ Imdb

What Movie Awards did Bruce Willis win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 7 0 14

Bruce Willis awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
Razzie Award - Worst Supporting ActorNomineeBreach2021
American Comedy Award - Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)NomineeDeath Becomes Her1993
Critics Choice Award - Best Acting EnsembleNomineeSin City2006
Gold Derby Award - Ensemble CastNomineeSin City2006
Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor - SuspenseWinnerThe Sixth Sense2000
Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor - Sci-FiWinnerArmageddon1999
Razzie Award - Worst ActorWinnerArmageddon1999
Stinker Award - Worst ActorWinnerArmageddon1998
Teen Choice Award - Film - Choice WipeoutNomineeUnbreakable2001
Razzie Award - Worst ActorNomineeDeath Wish2019
MTV Movie Award - Best On-Screen DuoNomineeThe Last Boy Scout1992
Razzie Award - Worst Supporting ActorNomineeHard Kill2021
Stinker Award - Worst ActorWinnerColor of Night1994
Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor - SuspenseNomineeThe Jackal1998
Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Supporting Actor - SuspenseWinnerThe Siege1999
Razzie Award - Worst ActorWinnerThe Siege1999
Razzie Award - Worst Supporting ActorNomineeSurvive the Night2021
Razzie Award - Worst ActorWinnerMercury Rising1999
Chlotrudis Award - Best Supporting ActorNomineeNobody's Fool1995
Primetime Emmy - Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy SeriesWinnerFriends2000
TV Land Award - Favorite Private EyeNomineeMoonlighting2005

Bruce Willis roles

Movie / Series Role
Pulp FictionButch Coolidge
Death Becomes HerDr. Ernest Menville
Cosmic SinJames Ford
Motherless BrooklynFrank Minna
Planet TerrorLt. Muldoon
The ExpendablesMr. Church (uncredited)
Sin CityHartigan
Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForHartigan
LooperOld Joe
Twelve MonkeysJames Cole
The Expendables 2Church
GlassDavid Dunn
UnbreakableDavid Dunn
GrindhouseMuldoon (segment "Planet Terror")
G.I. Joe: RetaliationGeneral Joe Colton
The Sixth SenseMalcolm Crowe
Live Free or Die HardJohn McClane
Die Hard: With a VengeanceJohn McClane
Die HardJohn McClane
A Good Day to Die HardJohn McClane
Die Hard 2John McClane
REDFrank Moses
The Whole Nine YardsJimmy Tudeski
Moonrise KingdomCaptain Sharp
Ocean's TwelveBruce Willis (uncredited)
Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleWilliam Rose Bailey (uncredited)
The Fifth ElementKorben Dallas
ArmageddonHarry S. Stamper
Over the HedgeRJ (voice)
Death WishPaul Kersey
SplitDavid Dunn (uncredited)
The Lego Movie 2: The Second PartBruce Willis (voice)
The Last Boy ScoutJoe Hallenbeck
Hard KillChalmers
Cop OutJimmy
The Whole Ten YardsJimmy
Color of NightBill Capa
The JackalThe Jackal
Between Two Ferns: The MovieBruce Willis
The PlayerBruce Willis
Tears of the SunLieutenant A.K. Waters
Blind DateWalter Davis
Striking DistanceTom Hardy
Four RoomsLeo (segment "The Man from Hollywood") (uncredited)
Acts of ViolenceDetective James Avery
Look Who's TalkingMikey (voice)
Look Who's Talking TooMikey (voice)
I'm Still HereSelf

Bruce Willis's Movie/Shows Salary

Movie / Series Salary
Die HardΒ (1988)$5,000,000
Look Who's TalkingΒ (1989)$10,000,000
Die Hard 2Β (1990)$7,500,000
Look Who's Talking TooΒ (1990)$10,000,000
The Bonfire of the VanitiesΒ (1990)$3,000,000
The Last Boy ScoutΒ (1991)$14,000,000
Pulp FictionΒ (1994)$800,000
Die Hard: With a VengeanceΒ (1995)$15,000,000
Four RoomsΒ (1995)$0
Last Man StandingΒ (1996)$16,500,000
ArmageddonΒ (1998)$14,800,000
The SiegeΒ (1998)$5,000,000
The Sixth SenseΒ (1999)$14,000,000 (salary, gross and video participations)
The KidΒ (2000)$20,000,000
UnbreakableΒ (2000)$20,000,000
Hart's WarΒ (2002)$22,500,000
Live Free or Die HardΒ (2007)$25,000,000

Bruce Willis's Quotes

  • I'm much more proud of being a father than being an actor.
  • You can't undo the past . . . but you can certainly not repeat it.
  • I'm staggered by the question of what it's like to be a multimillionaire. I always have to remind myself that I am.
  • [3/10/05 interview in "People" magazine, on how he stays in shape] Mostly weight resistance training, almost an hour of cardio at least three times a week. I have a gym in my house in Los Angeles and a gym trailer that I can take on the road with me when I'm on location. At my house there's a very long steep driveway. I do wind sprints that kick my 50-year-old ass. It's part of my job. I have come to associate working out as work. Whenever I don't have to do it for films, I kind of slack off.
  • I am a sensitive guy. People think they know the real me, but they don't. And then they write things that make me sound like such a jerk.

Bruce Willis's photos

The Net Worth Details of Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer, and musician, who has been in the industry for almost four decades now. Over the years, Willis has starred in numerous blockbuster hit films that have earned him a considerable fortune. As of 2021, Bruce Willis’s net worth is estimated to be around $250 million thanks to his many successful acting roles over the years.

Biography of Bruce Willis

What is Bruce Willis known for?

Bruce Willis is one of the most successful action movie stars in Hollywood history.

Early Life and Education

Willis was born in West Germany on March 19, 1955.

His father, David Willis, who was an American soldier, met and married Marlene Germany while he served in Germany.

The family moved to New Jersey when Bruce was two years old.

After high school, Willis worked for a while and then did some stage work before moving to New York City to pursue his acting career.

In NY, Willis held various jobs and eventually began working as a bartender while gaining exposure in the local theater scene.

In 1984, Willis moved to Hollywood shortly after getting his breakthrough role in TV drama ‘Moonlighting”., which would ultimately catapult his career.


Willis has starred in a wide variety of successful movies over the course of his career. Some of his most notable films include cult favorite Ad Astra (2019), ‘Die Hard’ franchise, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘The Sixth Sense’,Β β€˜Unbreakable’, and β€˜Sin City’.

He has also expanded his acting career to include voice-over roles in cartoons and video games, often lending his distinctive voice to characters.

His consistent box office performance over the years has made him one of the highest-paid actors of all time.


Bruce Willis has won various awards over the course of his career and received many nominations, including one Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his role as David Addison Jr. on ‘Moonlighting’ (1985-1989).

In addition to these awards, Bruce has become a household name globally as an action film star after becoming popular as a result of his β€˜Die Hard’ role, with five films under the franchise.

Personal Life

Bruce Willis has had a few significant relationships over the years. He is currently married to Emma Hemming, and the couple has two children together. He was previously married to Demi Moore and had three children together with Bruce.

Real Estate

Willis recently sold his stunning Los Angeles mansion for $33 million, an $8 million profit on the property he bought for $15 million in 2004. His former mansion has eight bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, tennis courts, and two swimming pools.

Bruce has also reportedly acquired several other properties during his time in entertainment, including homes in Idaho, New York, and the Turks and Caicos islands.

Bruce Willis Salary per Movie

Willis’s success over the years as a film actor has earned him some of Hollywood’s biggest paydays in history. He has been known for securing massive deals in previous contracts.

The Hollywood actor earned a whopping $20 million per film starring role he played in movies like Live Free or Die Hard, and $5-10 million as a co-starring supporting character in other films like the massively successful β€œThe Expendables” Movie

What is Bruce Willis’ net worth and salary?

Bruce Willis’s net worth is currently estimated to be approximately $250 million, making him one of the richest actors in the entertainment industry. Despite his success and wealth, Bruce Willis is known to be very private and continues to keep his life relatively quiet out of the limelight.

Interesting Facts about Bruce Willis

  1. His recording of "Respect Yourself" reached #5 in January 1987.
  2. On 6/24/98 he and Demi Moore announced they were ending their marriage of 11 years. No reasons given.
  3. In 10/97 he was ranked #22 in "Empire" (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list.
  4. Born on a US military base in Germany. His mother, Marlene, was German, and was born in Kassel. His father, David Willis, was American-born, and had English and smaller amounts of Dutch, French, Irish and Welsh ancestry.
  5. In 1996 he appeared on Late Show with David Letterman (1993) to advertise for Demi Moore's Striptease (1996) by doing his own undressing act.
  6. As a young man his personality was very much like that of the character he played on Moonlighting (1985). He was always getting into trouble because of this and was bodily ejected from parties by the hosts for being obnoxious.
  7. Has been very vocal in his support of almost every major Republican candidate in recent history except Bob Dole. He felt that presidential candidate Dole was out of line in his attacks on Demi Moore and her role in the movie Striptease (1996).
  8. Was the first actor to ever "act" in a video game (Apocalypse (1998)). No one before had ever done voice-work along with having their likeness and movements digitally added to the game, as well as receiving prominent billing on the game's cover.
  9. Has stated, in 1997, 2001 and 2013, that he will no longer be doing violent action or "save-the-world" movies.
  10. Wears his watch upside down with the face on the inside of his wrist. This is also visible in many movies he has done (Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995), Mercury Rising (1998), etc.) where they have not requested him to flip this over.
  11. In May 1987 he was arrested after reportedly disturbing the peace and assaulting a police officer who was called to quiet a raucous party at his home. The charges were dropped after Willis agreed to apologize to his neighbors.
  12. Acting helped him to overcome a debilitating childhood stutter. In an interview with "GQ" magazine in March 2013, he said, "I had a terrible stutter. But then I did some theater in high school and when I memorized words, I didn't stutter, which was just miraculous. That was the beginning of the gradual dispelling of my stutter. I thought I was handicapped. I couldn't talk at all. I still stutter around some people now".
  13. In 2001, his younger brother, Robert Willis, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 42.
  14. Attended Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ.
  15. Set a new benchmark for actors' salaries when he was paid $5 million for Die Hard (1988) in 1988. Eight years later, his wife, Demi Moore, set a benchmark of $12 million with Striptease (1996).
  16. (2/02) Named Man of the Year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals.
  17. Worked in a chemical factory before going to college.
  18. Filled in as a last-minute host for David Letterman on February 26, 2003, a show he was supposed to be the guest for. This was Letterman's first "sick day" in 20 years (other than his time off for heart surgery).
  19. Ranked #3 in Star TV's Top 10 Box Office Stars of the 1990s. [2003]
  20. Divides his time between Malibu, California and Hailey, Idaho. In the latter, he and now ex-wife Demi Moore were criticized by locals for buying businesses in the town and not running them properly. He owns (after buying out Moore) the Mint Bar and the Liberty Theater. He also owns the old Hailey Drug Store, but the building has been vacant and unused since the early 1990s.

Additional information of Bruce Willis

Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneAquamarine
Lucky ColorSea Green
Best Match for MarriageCancer, Scorpio
Break UpΠ’rΠΎΠΎkΠ΅ Π’urnΡ•
DivorceDΠ΅mΡ– МооrΠ΅
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBald

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