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Garou, a famous Canadian musician, has a net worth of $10 million which he has accumulated through his successful pop music career. With eight albums under his belt, and his debut album ‘Seul’ being the best selling record in France in 2001 making him one of France and French Canada’s biggest pop idols.

Key facts:

The key achievements of Garou mentioned in the text are:
  • Garou is a Canadian musician who has gained immense fame in France, Europe, and his home province, French Canada.
  • He started his music career after he was invited to play Quasimodo in the 'Notre-Dame de Paris' musical by Luc Plamondon.
  • Garou's debut album, 'Seul', which released in 2001 was the bestselling album in France and went triple platinum in his home country.
  • His follow-up album 'Reveins', which released in 2003 was also a success and went double platinum in France.
  • Garou has released several other albums since then, including 'Garou', 'Piece of My Soul', 'Rhythm and Blues', among others.
  • 'Piece of My Soul' was Garou's first English album.
  • He is one of the biggest pop idols in France and French Canada.
  • Garou has performed at several charity events, including 13 straight years at Les Enfoires.
  • Garou has collaborated with Michel Sradou, Rob Thomas, Pascal Obispo, and Jean-Jacques, among other renowned musicians.

Basic Information About Garou

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsSinger, Musician
Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1972-06-26 (51 years old)
Place of birthSherbrooke
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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Vegas VacationRiviera Security Guard

Garou: A Canadian Icon

Garou, born Pierre Garand on June 26, 1972, grooved his way into the music industry as he conquered one milestone after the other. His musical influences came at an early age when he was exposed to a diverse group of musicians such as James Brown, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Jimi Hendrix. With a firm grasp on rhythm and harmony, he started playing guitar at a mere age of three.

Net Worth of Garou

The net worth of Garou is estimated to be $10 Million. His debut single “Seul” was one of the bestselling songs in France in 2001. Soon after, his musical career skyrocketed, leading to international success and affluence. Garou has released a string of hits, encompassing French ballads to blues-inspired tunes, immaculately highlighting his versatility as an artist.

What is Garou Known For?

Garou is distinguished for his exceptional vocals, which are translated into soulful music. He is a composer, musician, and actor all-in-one. In the last two decades, he has expanded his horizon from pop to broadway to blues. His talent caught the eye of Luc Plamondon who offered him a part in the β€œNotre-Dame de Paris” musical in 1996 – “He [Garou] had everything we were looking for: voice, charm, personality”, added Plamondon. Since then, Garou has released over seven albums and has been an integral part of charitable organizations globally.

Early Life and Education

Garou grew up in Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. He faced financial difficulties as his parents separated, leaving his mother to bring him and his siblings up on her own as a nurse. Garou enrolled in Quebec Military School at age 18 and pursued his studies in literature. He discovered his fondness for music as he got more actively involved in his school’s music program. Though he was talented at running as well, a knee injury caused him to pursue a career in music.


Garou’s musical career started after being discovered with his band “The Untouchables” by Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante, while they were on a talent hunt for the lead vocalist for their musical “Notre-Dame de Paris”. Garou left the band the same year to make his way to France; he quickly gained recognition with his contribution to the musical, tenaciously cementing his place in the French music industry.

Upon the success of “Notre-Dame de Paris”, Garou released his debut album “Seul”, which set sales record figures in France. He went on to release several other albums such as “Piece of My Soul”, “Version Integrale” and “Rhythm And Blues”. Each of his albums showcased his unique talent and captured the essence of his character.


Garou’s contribution to elevating the French music industry to an international standard is boundless. His dedication towards humanitarian work is commendable; he has been supporting several charitable foundations, including fighting against hunger and blindness. He is associated with the Les Enfoires charity, founded by Coluche and hosts over 30 talented artists who work together every December to serve meals to the deprived.

Garou’s music has been well received globally, transcending borders. He has collaborated with artists like Celine Dion, Rob Thomas, Michel Sardou, Jean Jacques Goldman and so on. He is known for using his music to raise awareness on social issues. Recently, Garou organized a tribute concert for the victims of the Quebec mosque attack.


Garou’s sheer drive and talent have carved out a significant pedestal for him in the music industry. His journey to success is remarkable and serves as an inspiration for many. Simple in nature but with astounding vocal capabilities, Garou is a true icon who has positively impacted the French music industry tremendously.” In a world of flashy glamour and fame, he has kept true to his vision of producing music that lasts, capturing the essence of human emotion itself.

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