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Mick Fleetwood is a British musician with a net worth of $40 million. He is most famous for co-founding the band Fleetwood Mac, which has sold over 120 million records worldwide. Despite experiencing financial issues in the past, Mick Fleetwood has managed to maintain a successful career and amass a considerable net worth.

Key facts:

  • Mick Fleetwood co-founded the band Fleetwood Mac, which has sold over 120 million records worldwide.
  • He is the only remaining original member of Fleetwood Mac and has overseen a continuously changing lineup of new musicians.
  • Mick has had a successful solo career in addition to his work with Fleetwood Mac.
  • He is also an entrepreneur and has dabbled in winemaking, restaurants, and other businesses.
  • Mick Fleetwood experienced financial issues in the late 198s and had to declare bankruptcy due to bad business ventures.

Basic Information About Mick Fleetwood

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Rock Stars
ProfessionsMusician, Drummer, Actor, Film Producer
Net worth$30,000,000
Date of birth1947-06-24 (76 years old)
Place of birthRedruth
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksThick Beard
Long Hair
His Towering Height
Energetic live performances
Spouse26 July - Lynn Frankel (Β 1995 - 20 NovemberΒ 2015)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
24 April - Sara Recor (Β 1988 - 1992)Β (divorced)
Jenny Boyd - (12 JuneΒ 1970 - 1974)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
Height6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Mick Fleetwood win?


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Golder Raspberry


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Mick Fleetwood roles

Movie / Series Role
The Running ManMic
The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken HeartSelf - Fleetwood Mac (archive footage)
Star Trek: The Next GenerationAntedian Dignitary 1 episode, 1989
Top GearSelf - Special Guest 2 episodes, 2013
Saturday Night LiveSelf - Mick Fleetwood's Zoo / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes
Good Morning BritainSelf - Guest 1 episode, 2020
WiseguyJames Elliot 1 episode, 1989
CBS News Sunday MorningSelf - Guest 2 episodes, 2014-2020
The One ShowSelf 1 episode, 2019

Mick Fleetwood's Quotes

  • [observation, 2013, on the recording 'Rumors'] It's this mutant thing. It shaped me as a person because we went through a damage, making that album. There's still a fascination about it: it's who we are and what we are, the reason why we made all that music. It forces you to think about yourself, how you've developed or undeveloped, screwed up or not, what you learned from that, and whether you have truly moved on from the hurt, fear and loathing.
  • I'll never play exactly the same pattern on the bass drum on a song that I've been playing for 40 years. It's become the sound of our rhythm section.
  • John McVie who plays bass with Fleetwood Mac is not only my best friend, he's also my musical best friend because he's formulated a style that accommodates this ever-changing partner in the rhythm section.
  • I always joke - because I used to manage the band - that this is the worst-run franchise in rock'n'roll. If you look at what happened to us on paper, you'd say, 'It's simply not possible that these clowns can survive this'.
  • [on what reminiscences he chose to emphasize in his memoir 'Play On'] Learning how to handle the huge theatre of my career and how almost everything I dreamed of literally came true, from me being this funny little creature who just wanted to play drums and play music.

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Mick Fleetwood: A Journey Through Success, Setbacks, and Stardom

With a net worth of $40 million, Mick Fleetwood is a British musician who has made his mark on the music industry. Best known as the co-founder of the legendary band Fleetwood Mac, Mick has achieved immense success throughout his career, overcoming financial obstacles and continuously evolving as both an artist and an entrepreneur.

What is Mick Fleetwood Known For?

Mick Fleetwood is renowned for his role as the drummer and one of the founding members of Fleetwood Mac. The band, known for their unique blend of rock and pop, has sold over 120 million records worldwide. Despite various lineup changes over the years, Mick has remained a constant presence in the band, shaping its sound and maintaining its legacy.

Outside of Fleetwood Mac, Mick has also enjoyed success as a solo artist. His solo endeavors have allowed him to explore his musical talents beyond the boundaries of the band, showcasing his versatility and creativity. Mick’s contributions to the music industry have garnered him respect and admiration from fans and fellow musicians alike.

Early Life and Education

Mick Fleetwood was born on June 24, 1947, in Cornwall, England. Growing up in a family with a deep appreciation for music, Mick’s journey to becoming a musician was not unexpected. His father, a pilot for the Royal Air Force, exposed him to different cultures and musical influences as they traveled across the world.

After settling in Gloucestershire, England, Mick’s parents recognized his passion for music and supported his dreams. At the age of 13, they purchased a drum set for him, sparking the beginning of his lifelong dedication to music.


At the age of 15, Mick Fleetwood made the bold decision to drop out of school and pursue a career in music full-time. He moved to London in search of better opportunities, where fate brought him together with keyboardist Peter Bardens. Impressed by Mick’s talent, Bardens invited him to join his band, the Cheynes.

Mick’s talent and dedication soon caught the attention of other musicians, and he joined various bands throughout the 196s. However, it was his collaboration with Peter Green and John McVie that laid the foundation for Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac, named after its founding members, released their first album, “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac,” in 1968. The band’s success and recognition grew, but they experienced internal conflicts and lineup changes along the way.

In 1975, Mick Fleetwood played a vital role in revitalizing the band by welcoming Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks into Fleetwood Mac. This lineup change marked a new chapter for the band, leading to the release of their iconic album, “Rumours,” in 1977.

Despite personal challenges within the band, Mick’s perseverance and dedication allowed Fleetwood Mac to continue creating music that resonated with millions of fans worldwide.

Net Worth Details

Although Mick Fleetwood’s net worth currently stands at $40 million, his financial journey has been marked by both success and setbacks. Despite living a lavish lifestyle and engaging in ventures such as winemaking and restaurants, Mick faced financial difficulties in the past.

During the late 198s, Mick was forced to declare bankruptcy due to failed business ventures and extravagant spending habits. However, he managed to recover from this setback and rebuild his career and finances over time.


Mick Fleetwood’s achievements extend beyond his role in Fleetwood Mac. Throughout his career, he has earned numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards for his contributions to the band’s iconic albums.

As a testament to his impact on the music industry, Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. Mick’s drumming skills and innovative musical approaches have inspired countless musicians and continue to resonate with audiences to this day.

Outside of music, Mick’s ventures as an entrepreneur have demonstrated his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite his financial challenges, he has explored various industries, showcasing his versatility and determination to pursue new endeavors.

Inspiration Beyond Borders

Mick Fleetwood’s story is one of resilience and dedication to his craft. From his early struggles to his meteoric rise as a musician, he has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

His ability to adapt and evolve with changing times is a testament to his enduring talent and passion for creating music. Regardless of the setbacks he has faced, Mick Fleetwood remains an inspirational figure who has constantly pursued his dreams and made a lasting impact on the world.

Interesting Facts about Mick Fleetwood

  1. He opened "Fleetwood's Nightclub" in 1991
  2. Founder and leader of rock music group Fleetwood Mac.
  3. His ex-wife, Jenny Boyd, is the younger sister of Pattie Boyd, who married George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Fleetwood referred to Harrison as his brother-in-law, in his autobiography.
  4. Twins Tessa and Ruby with Frankel.
  5. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 (as a member of Fleetwood Mac).
  6. Involved in a televised spoof audition for the position of drummer in the band 'Spinal Tap' in which he played with a paper bag over his head! (their drummers kept dying under strange circumstances!)
  7. Always wears a pair of wooden balls suspended from his belt when drumming! They're toilet chain-balls, snatched from a club where Fleetwood Mac played in their early days, and he kept them as a good-luck piece. (Fleetwood's "star turn" in their early stage act was when he came out from behind the drums and "played his balls", dancing and clacking them together.)
  8. His solo album "The Visitor" was inspired by a trip to Africa, where he'd heard and played with several native musicians, and preceded Paul Simon's similarly-themed "Graceland" and "The Rhythm Of The Saints" albums by almost a decade.
  9. Took some heat from the other members of Fleetwood Mac, after his autobiography came out, for the out-of-school stories he'd told about the band. He apologized to them, explaining that he'd done the book "for the money", to recover from his 1980s bankruptcy.
  10. Had been gigging with bands in England as early as age 18, but was able to play age restricted clubs because he looked older.
  11. Fleetwood Mac won the 1998 Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution.
  12. He is the younger brother of actress Susan Fleetwood.
  13. Fleetwood Mac was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6608 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
  14. Former brother-in-law of Pattie Boyd.
  15. Played drums on Warren Zevon's Top 40 hit "Werewolves of London".
  16. Stevie Nicks is godmother of his twin daughters.
  17. Dropped out of school at age 15 and moved to London to become a Drummer.
  18. Lives in Los Angeles, California. He has lived in the United States since the 1970's and became a citizen in 2006.
  19. Stevie Nicks considers Mick her best friend.
  20. Always wears a pair of wooden balls suspended from his belt when drumming.

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