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Famous actress and presenter Viviana Serna Ramirez, who was born in Cali, Columbia, has a respectable net worth of $1 million. Ramirez has acted in various television series, plays, telenovelas and short films since she began her studies in acting, dance, and painting in Armenia in 2008.

Key facts:

Here are key facts about Viviana Serna Ramirez:
  • Viviana Serna Ramirez is a Mexican actress and presenter.
  • As a child, she lived in Armenia, Mexico, Palo Alto, California and Bogota.
  • Since 2008 she has continued her studies in acting, dance and painting.
  • She has participated in different television series, telenovelas, plays as well as various short films throughout her career.
  • Viviana Serna Ramirez is reportedly dating JuliΓ‘n Gil, an actor who played her father in the telenovela ΒΏQuiΓ©n eres tΓΊ?.

Basic Information About Viviana Serna Ramirez

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Presenter
Net worth$1,000,000
Date of birth1990-08-26 (33 years old)
Place of birthCali
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

Viviana Serna Ramirez: All About Her Career, Early Life and Net Worth Details

Viviana Serna Ramirez is a well-known Mexican actress and presenter with a net worth of $1 million. Born in the year 199, August 26, in Cali, Columbia, she has lived in different parts of the world like Bogota, Mexico, Palo Alto, and Armenia during her early life. Currently, she is based out of Miami, Florida.

What is Viviana Serna Ramirez known for?

Viviana Serna Ramirez is known for being a professional Mexican actress and presenter. She has participated in various popular television series, short films and played lead roles in different telenovelas. In addition to acting and presenting, Ramirez keeps her fans engaged with her fashion blogs/vlogs across her social media platforms.

Early life and education

As mentioned earlier, Viviana Serna Ramirez during childhood was a globetrotter traveling across different parts of the world. During her stay in Armenia, she discovered her passion for arts, primarily acting, dancing, and painting. She continued her studies in Columbia after Armenia to strengthen her skills in acting and other art forms. Eventually, she moved to Mexico to establish herself as an actress.


Viviana started as an actress in 2008. Her debut appearance was seen in the RCN television series “Manual de Supervivencia Escolar de Ned.” She also worked on TNT hosting ‘Pared 11’, one of the most famous entertainment shows on TV hosted by Univision Network along with Juan Carlos GonzΓ‘lez.

Some of the most popular television series featuring Viviana Serna Ramirez include the likes of “ΒΏQuiΓ©n eres tΓΊ?” and “SeΓ±ora Acero”. At the moment, Viviana is considered one of the most popular actresses in Mexico and her passion to entertain people is evident from her grace on and off-screen.

Viviana Serna Ramirez: Achievements in films and television shows

Due to her acting skills, her performances in telenovelas has earned her great accolades. One of her greatest achievements, which brought her fame and recognition, was her role as Paola in the 2016 telenovela “Soy Tu DueΓ±a”. During her career, Ramirez has appeared in different movies like “Tentaciones” (2013), “Zona Rosa” (2018), among others. Viviana takes immense pride in honoring her craft and is open to receiving different projects offered to her to bring inspiring and unique character roles to life.

Personal life

As of October 2021, Viviana Serna Ramirez is reportedly dating JuliΓ‘n Gil, a popular actor who played her father in the telenovela ΒΏQuiΓ©n eres tΓΊ?. Serna herself has not spoken much about the broad subject concerning love or relationships, but she proudly shares details of her stable, nurtured and profitable career.

Net Worth Details

As per reports released by media organizations in August 2021, Ramirez’s net worth stands at $1 million. It is interesting to note that her active roles in films, telenovelas, and other art forms are the primary drivers behind earning her such a remarkable amount of cash. Alongside earning from shows, hosting programs like ‘Pard’ has helped significantly seek multiple endorsements driving additional sources of income. However, with her passion and dedication mix, more opportunities are coming her way potentially increasing her net worth in many dimensions.

The Bottom line

Viviana Serna Ramirez is an inspiration to many young artists who intend to give acting or presenting a shot. Regardless of the countries she’s lived in and the cultural differences, her passion remains the driving force, and perseverance keeps her moving forward in bilingual all-around entertainment from acting, hosting, and fashion blogging.

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