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Famous R&B singer and record producer Al B Sure, born Albert Joseph Brown III, has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars, which he earned through his successful music career. His debut album sold more than two million copies and he won multiple awards, including an American Music Award for Best New R&B Artist and several New York Music Awards.

Key facts:

The key facts about Al B Sure mentioned in the text are:
  • Al B Sure is a two-time Grammy-nominated American R&B recording artist and record producer.
  • He won the Sony Innovators Talent Search in 1987, which was selected by Quincy Jones.
  • His debut album, 'In Effect Mode', topped the Billboard R&B chart for seven straight weeks and sold over two million copies, including the hit single 'Nite and Day'.
  • Al B Sure received several nominations from various award shows like Grammy Awards, American Music Award, and Soul Train Award. He won the AMA for Best New R&B Artist and Best New Artist at the Soul Train Award.
  • He also won multiple New York Music Awards and became famous as one of new jack swing's most popular romantic artists during the late 198s.

Basic Information About Al B Sure

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsSongwriter, Record producer, Singer, Musician, Disc jockey, Composer
Net worth$4,000,000
Date of birth1968-06-04 (55 years old)
Place of birthBoston
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

Al B Sure Net Worth Details

Albert Joseph Brown III, famously known as Al B Sure, is an American producer and R&B recording artist who has a net worth of $4 million. He was the first recipient of the Sony Innovators Talent Search arranged by Quincy Jones in 1987. As a renowned artist, he has made a considerable fortune from his successful career in the music industry and is regarded as one of the pioneers of new jack swing style.


What is Al B Sure Known for?

Al B Sure is well-known for being a distinguished R&B recording artist who rose to fame during the new jack swing era with his captivating tracks like “Nite n’ Day.” He is also famous for being a gifted record producer and songwriter. However, he has shown his versatility by acting on various occasions and excelling in his acting pursuits.

Early Life and Education

Born on June 4, 1968, in Mount Vernon, New York, Al B Sure grew up in an environment that was not precisely conducive to his dream of performing as a musician. Despite that, he sharpened his musical skills under the guidance of his cousins. In high school, he discovered a passion for football and excelled as a star quarterback for Mount Vernon High School. However, he decided to pursue a career in music and rejected an athletic scholarship from the University of Iowa. Instead, he studied communication arts at Boston’s Suffolk University.


It was in 1987 that Quincy Jones selected him through the Sony Innovators Talent Search, a competition to find new talent. His debut album “In Effect Mode” released in 1988 featured tracks like “Off On Your Own (Girl),” “Rescue Me,” “If I’m Not Your Lover” and, most notably, the chart-topping single “Nite and Day.” The album sold millions of copies, cementing Al B Sure’s name an integral part of R&B music. Additionally, he featured in collaborations with other artists such as Diana Ross and Johnny Gill.

He has produced and co-written acclaimed tracks like “Where I Wanna Be Boy”(Missin’ You) by Aaron Hall and “Breathe Again” by Toni Braxton. Moreover, he wrote and produced acts like Kut Klose, Usher, and Faith Evans’ foremost singles.


Al B Sure’s track record is awe-inspiring, and therefore it comes as no surprise that he got multiple AMA nominations. He ended up winning the Best New R&B Artist award at the 1989 American Music Award. The reward came after he was also nominated for several Grammy awards in various categories.

Sure also won the Best New Artist award at the Soul Train Music Awards and a New York Music Award at Madison Square Garden. He also made a difference in the industry by volunteering as the official ambassador for New York entertainment, arts, and culture.

The unique ability to refashion styles and innovate through sound

Al B Sure might have entered the industry by capitalizing on the new jack swing phenomenon by creating romantic songs that charmed a classic generation. He still explored R&B variations stretching from pop to soul to ballads transforming them into living art. To his credit, every song had enticing attributes providing guaranteed pleasure for partakers.

Nonetheless, Al B Sure’s significance to recording ends up going beyond the sound of music or its variation. The artist revolutionized the music industry by considering multiple functionalities of artist careers. This includes his innovative approach towards self-production in music videos and promotion marketed through content in other mediums such as MTV.

Al B Surex's Role Model Emergence

Al B Sure creates a legacy for sound in marking innovation. Recent career recognition returned him on iTunes charts leading lineups of relevant contemporary collections. Despite his growing success, Al still remains humble and continues to emphasize the importance of essential worker cultures like schoolteachers. Regularly, Al honors teachers publicly throughout awards shows acknowledging how (during moments of uncertainty) classrooms globally guide futures.

Final Thoughts

Al B Sure is a luminary gem in the world of music who has set new precedents for what artists should aspire towards. Like many legends, he puts originality first instead of following the industry’s current moulds. He remains an inspiration to many up-and-coming artists who wish to make a meteoric rise in the industry by keeping a comfortable pace for essential elements such as music, vocals, innovation, promotion and marketing.

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