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Famous American actor and rapper Bryshere Gray has a net worth of $2 million. Best known for portraying the role of Hakeem Lyon in the Fox series β€˜Empire’, Gray also performs under the stage name Yazz The Greatest and has opened for artists such as 2 Chainz and Fabolous.

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Here are 3 key facts about Bryshere Gray based on the provided context:
  • Bryshere Gray is an American actor and rapper best known for his portrayal of Hakeem Lyon in the TV series Empire.
  • Before his breakthrough, Gray made money to support his single mother by performing on the streets as a street performer.
  • In 2015 he signed with Columbia Records as a solo act and has performed at many musical festivals, opening for artists such as 2 Chainz and Fabolous.

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Net worth$2,000,000
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Bryshere Gray Net Worth: The Success Story of Yazz The Greatest

Bryshere Gray is a true embodiment of how talent, determination, and hard work can lead you to the summit of success. Bryshere, known by his stage name β€œYazz The Greatest,” is not just a talented rapper but also a well-known actor who gained widespread fame by playing Hakeem Lyon on the hit Fox TV show β€œEmpire.” Born and brought up in Philadelphia, Bryshere faced several hiccups in his personal life, but his passion for music paved his way to the top.

What is Bryshere Gray Known For?

Bryshere Gray, popularly known as Yazz The Greatest, is known for his remarkable performances as a rapper and actor. Yazz started off as a street performer to support his struggling family. As his talent began to spark attention, he was introduced to manager Charlie Mack delivering hopes of a brighter future.

He earned massive popularity and recognition after playing Hakeem Lyon, an aspiring rapper and the youngest son of Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) in the Fox Television series β€˜Empire’. The vastness of his popularity is evident with the 59th Monte Carlo TV Festival’s prestigious Golden Nymph award.

Early life and education

Bryshere Gray was born on November 28, 1993, in West Philadelphia. He grew up in poverty-stricken conditions, and his mother raised four children alone. Bryshere attended Overbrook High School and later enrolled at Delaware State University’s Department of Music majoring in β€œMusic Management”.

During his early days, Bryshere earned money by performing as a street artist. Busking became his escape from life’s struggles, and he started performing wherever he could find a crowd. It was in one of these street performances that he caught the eye of the organization executive Charlie Mack.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that his role as β€˜Hakeem Lyon’ marked a breakthrough in his career. Although Bryshere began his professional music career as a rapper, he never planned to be an actor. Much to everyone’s amazement, he landed the role of a lifetime as an actor in 2015 while auditioning for β€œWho Shot Yaβ€β€˜ s music video.

Bryshere’s rapping skills stood out in the industry, and coupled with his on-camera presence, he became one of the strongest forces of β€˜Empire.’ Despite being known for his acting endeavours, he never gave up his passion for music, releasing singles like β€œNo Apologies” and ” Bout That” which both hit three-million-plus YouTube views every day.

Bryshere Gray Net Worth

Few people know how much Gray is worth as his wealth has mostly come from ventures other than his work as an artist. It was not until his appearance in the television series β€œEmpire,” that Yazz became a prominent household name. Brysheere Gray has accumulated a net worth of around $2 million as of 2021 as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

The Coke Boys Tour 2 with Bryshere Gray (Yazz The Greatest)

Bryshere Gray’s love for music never faded, and in 2016 he got signed by Columbia Records to shape his music career as a solo artist. He later ventured another passion for fashion, modelling for Vogue and
stepping out frequently with designers to showcase their latest styles. And then in 2018, he joined French Montana on for the β€œCoke Boys Tour 2”.

This musical tour proved to be yet another addition to the numerous gigs and activities Bryshere has participated in throughout his extensive and diverse career in show business.

Death or Tragedy

Bryshere Gray is alive and well. There are no reports of his death, and it is confirmed that he continues to work and excel in different domains of fashion, music, and performance.


Bryshere Gray has reached formidable heights with his accomplished music and acting career, releasing superhit songs like β€œNo apologies”, β€œBout that,” and having two successful studio albums β€œThe Re-Up.” and β€œThe New King”, displaying his artistry and craft to the audience.

In addition to Bryce’s discography, he has successfully appeared in other music endeavours, his most important role being within the TV show β€œEmpire.” Three seasons later, it would lift him to the prosperity and acclaim he enjoys today’s fan base numbering in the millions, compelling audiences across the globe. With both his roles as talent Yazz the Greatest and skilled Hakeem Lyon, Bryshere stands as a symbol of tremendous talent with an exceptional persona.


Through his love and dedication to obtain a successful career inside of media, Bryshere Grey demonstrates excellent skill and artistry in all areas of his enterprise. Not only deos he partner with head brands and participate in multiple disciplines, such as modelling, but he outright releases superb projects that capture the eyes and hears of everyone fortunate enough to stumble across them.

Bryshere may very well be best known by most for flourishing as Yazz The Greatest on Empire TV, however; he is much more than that and will very likely demonstrate to the world all his incredible creative talent soon enough.

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