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Famous American actress Joanna Moore had a net worth of $10 million at the time of her demise in November 1997. Moore appeared in numerous films and TV series throughout her impressive 90 acting credits career including Gunsmoke, Bewitched, Kung Fu, and others.

Key facts:

The key facts about Joanna Moore mentioned in the text are:
  • Joanna Moore was an American actress with over 90 acting credits to her name.
  • She appeared in many TV series and films, including The Last Angry Man, Touch of Evil, and Bewitched.
  • Joanna Moore was married four times and had two children: Griffin O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal.
  • She passed away on November 22nd, 1997 at the age of 63 due to lung cancer.
Overall, Joanna Moore was a well-known and prolific actress who worked on many well-regarded TV shows and films throughout her career. While she faced some personal challenges in her life, including multiple marriages and a battle with lung cancer that ultimately took her life, her contributions to film and television live on as a testament to her talent and hard work.

Basic Information About Joanna Moore

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$10,000,000
Date of birth1934-11-10
Place of birthParrott
Date of death1997-11-22 (aged 63)
NationalityUnited States of America
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

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What Movie Awards did Joanna Moore win?


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Joanna Moore roles

Movie / Series Role
Follow That DreamAlisha Claypoole
The WaltonsLaura Sue Champion 1 episode, 1974
BewitchedDaphne Harper 1 episode, 1967
The VirginianCarol Fisk / ... 4 episodes, 1963-1967
The FugitiveHelen Simmons / ... 3 episodes, 1964-1966
The High ChaparralCharly Converse 1 episode, 1969
Nanny and the ProfessorDr. Alice Miller 1 episode, 1970
PetrocelliKay Willis 1 episode, 1976
Kung FuLula Morgan 1 episode, 1975
My Three SonsHelen Saunders 1 episode, 1965
Peyton PlaceKaren 1 episode, 1966
The Andy Griffith ShowPeggy 'Peg' McMillan 4 episodes, 1962
The F.B.I.Irene Galloway / ... 3 episodes, 1967-1969
The Alfred Hitchcock HourDanielle / ... 2 episodes, 1964-1965
The Wild Wild WestLinda Medford 1 episode, 1965
The Name of the GameEmily Dorsey 1 episode, 1970
Route 66Lola / ... 2 episodes, 1961-1962
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Fran Parsons 1 episode, 1965
Run for Your LifeKay Mills 1 episode, 1966

Joanna Moore Net Worth and Biography

Joanna Moore was known for her beauty and acting talent. She had a successful acting career that spanned several decades, with more than 90 television and film credits to her name. By the time she passed away in November 1997, Joanna Moore’s net worth was $10 million.

Early Life and Education

Joana Moore was born Dorothy Joanne Cook in Parrott, Georgia in November 1934. Due to her troubled childhood, she often sought refuge in films which led her to study drama while attending Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. She also studied at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City.


Joanna Moore’s acting career began in 1955 when she played Lana in the TV series Appointment with a Shadow. She quickly gained attention for her captivating performances on screen. Her most notable performance was perhaps in the classic film Touch of Evil, starring Charlton Heston and directed by Orson Welles. She also appeared in several other films, including Follow That Dream, The Hindenburg, and several TV series like The Waltons, Gunsmoke, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Moore’s last film appearance was Run, Chrissie, Run!, released two years after her death.

Marriage and Children

Joanna was married four times during her lifetime. First with her high school sweetheart Aaron Spelling, then to actors Ryan O’Neal and Gary Clarke. Later on she remarried and had a son, Tatum O’Neal

Achievements and Awards

Moores acting achievements are best personified as an ocean, she always saw that the place on top was vacate and theres plenty of space for everyone to feat. She was an industry icon who had a versatile talent and captivating charisma. Though she never won an Academy Award or Golden Globe Award, Joanna Moore made an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

Aside from her acting talent and accomplishments, what made Joanna Moore unique is her plight to become a better person despite the challenges she had in life from her childhood to adulthood.

Joanna Moore lived a remarkable life and left behind unforgettable performances that are ingrained in our memories.

Interesting Facts about Joanna Moore

  1. Mother, with Ryan O'Neal, of Tatum O'Neal and Griffin O'Neal.
  2. Her career began after being spotted at a cocktail party by a Universal producer.
  3. Orphaned as a child, she was the elder of two daughters. Her mother and baby sister were killed in a one-car accident. Joanna was the only member of the family not in the car. Her father, who was the driver, died of complications from his injuries (ruptured spleen) a year later.
  4. Came to Hollywood after she won a beauty contest in her home state of Georgia.
  5. Lost three fingers on her left hand from a car accident, and she later wrote a short story about a woman interacting with a grandchild who kept staring at "Nana's little hand.".
  6. Her family, consisting of mostly actors, referred to her as the best actor in the family.
  7. Former mother-in-law of tennis champ John McEnroe
  8. Lung cancer from chain-smoking cigarettes is what killed her. Towards the end, she told her grandson Kevin McEnroe not to smoke cigarettes, while she was lighting one cigarette to another.
  9. Alfred Hitchcock placed her under personal contract and she appeared several times on his TV show, but the contract was later dissolved. According to the 1979 biography "Hitch: The Life and Times of Alfred Hitchcock" by John Russell Taylor, it wasn't a happy experience for both actress and director. Hitchcock tried to make her over with new hairstyles and wardrobes but she wasn't cooperative, and she also didn't seem to like anyone that she came into contact with at the studio. Both Hitchcock and Moore were alive when the book was published, and neither refuted the claims.
  10. She acted with Elvis Presley in Follow That Dream (1962), and even though, they had a similar Southern background, her daughter Tatum O'Neal claimed that Moore didn't have a romance with him.
  11. Her grandson Kevin McEnroe had her likeness tattooed onto his shoulder so he will never forget the influence she's had on his life, calling her his "guardian angel". He also dedicated his novel "Our Town" (2015) to her, since she inspired the main character Dorothy.
  12. Her eldest grandson Kevin McEnroe (son of Tatum O'Neal and John McEnroe) wrote a roman Γ  clef about her titled "Our Town", that was published in 2015. The protagonist's name in the novel is Dorothy, which is Moore's real first name.
  13. In early 1960 she went deaf, and had to learn to lip-read in order to understand what people were saying. In 1962 she had corrective surgery and regained her hearing.
  14. Developed an alcohol problem later in life and in the 1980s was arrested five times for drunken driving.
  15. Joanna Moore died on the same day of the month, November 22, as President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated, in 1963, exactly 34 years earlier than her death, from lung cancer in 1997.

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