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LeBron James, a famous American professional basketball player and entrepreneur, has a net worth of $600 million. His impressive career earnings, which includes an annual base salary of $41.1 million and multi-million dollar endorsement deals, contribute to his status as one of the highest-earning and globally powerful celebrities. With his current earnings and investments, LeBron James is projected to become a billionaire by 2035.

Key facts:

  • LeBron James has earned more than $800 million during his career from salary and endorsements.
  • LeBron's first Nike endorsement deal paid him $90 million over 7 years.
  • He typically earns between $50-90 million per year from endorsements alone.
  • LeBron's current annual base salary in the NBA is $42.5 million.
  • He is on pace to become a billionaire in 2035.

Basic Information About LeBron James

Full NameLeBron James
CategoryAthletes β€Ί NBA Players
ProfessionsBasketball player, Athlete, Television producer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor
Net worth$600,000,000
Date of birth1984-12-30 (38 years old)
Place of birthAkron
NationalityUnited States of America
Curiosities and TrademarksPregame ritual: dusting at the scorers table, he retired this ritual in 2014
Simultaneously stomps on the court while pushing his arms down.
Trademark line: Get that weak stuff outta here!
chase down blocks
FatherAnthony McCllland
MotherGloria Marie James
SpouseSavannah Brinson James - (14 SeptemberΒ 2013 - present)Β (3 children)
Kids3 Bryce Maximus James, Lebron James Jr, Zhuri James
Height6 ft 8 in (2.05 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ Instagram β†—οΈŽ Twitter β†—οΈŽ Imdb

What Movie Awards did LeBron James win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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LeBron James roles

Movie / Series Role
TrainwreckLeBron James
Space Jam: A New LegacyLeBron James
SmallfootGwangi (voice)
SpongeBob SquarePantsLeBron James 1 episode, 2009
EntourageLeBron James 1 episode, 2009
The SimpsonsLeBron James 1 episode, 2005
Saturday Night LiveSelf - Host / ... 1 episode, 2007
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres ShowSelf 4 episodes, 2016-2018
The Cleveland ShowSelf 1 episode, 2011
WWE Monday Night RAWSelf / ... 2 episodes, 2003-2011
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonSelf / ... 5 episodes, 2014-2018
Teen Titans Go!LeBron James 1 episode, 2016
The Daily ShowSelf 3 episodes, 2006-2016
Survivor's RemorseLeBron James 1 episode, 2015
The Oprah Winfrey ShowSelf 1 episode, 2005

LeBron James's Quotes

  • [on why he's not joining the 2018 Olympic USA basketball team] I could use the rest.
  • [on the teammates his played with thus far] I've always [taken] a lot of pride, and I get more of a rush seeing my teammates succeed more than myself. And that's what an assist is all about. I was taught the game the right way, and seeing my teammates succeed has always been something that I've cared about more than anything, and that's what it's all about
  • [on becoming the first player in NBA history to achieve 27,000 points, 7,000 rebounds and 7,000 assists during the course of his career ]I really don't know, I don't know what to say.I've played with two great organizations that I've been able to do what I do. They've allowed me to be the player that I want to be. It just shows that's the triple threat of me, to rebound, to pass, to put the ball in the hole a little bit. I'm just honored, just blessed and I just try to continue to give it to my teammates, give it to my fans, give it to this organization every single night that I go out there.[December 2016]
  • on the recent sports players kneeling during the National anthem]I'm doing OK for myself, my family is doing OK. Even if we weren't doing OK financially, I'd still be trying to find a way to inspire the youth. Personally, my voice is more important than my knee
  • [on President Donald Trump calling for the NFL to fire or suspend those who kneel during The Star-Spangled Banner]He used the sports platform to divide us. Sports is so amazing, what sports can do for everyone, no matter shape, size, race, or brings people together like no other. I'm not going to let one individual no matter the power, the impact he or she should have ever use sport as a platform to divide us. The people run this country, not one person. And damn sure not him

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The Rise and Fortune of LeBron James

LeBron James, the iconic basketball player and entrepreneur, has become a household name with a net worth of $600 million. Born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, LeBron’s journey to success began at a young age, marked by his exceptional skills on the basketball court. Let’s explore the fascinating life and achievements of this legendary athlete.

What is LeBron James known for?

LeBron James skyrocketed to fame after being drafted as the top pick by his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the 2003 NBA draft. He quickly made an impact, becoming the youngest player in history to score 40 points in a single game and earning the title of Rookie of the Year. LeBron’s talent and athleticism captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Early life and education

From a young age, basketball consumed LeBron James’ life. His gift for the game was evident as he excelled on his elementary school’s basketball team. He attended St Vincent-St Mary high school, where he made waves in the basketball community. As a sophomore, he became the youngest person ever to join the USA Today All USA first team, and in his junior year, he was named the Gatorade National Player of the Year.


LeBron James’ professional career started in 2003 when he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. He played for the Cavs until 201, then moved to the Miami Heat, leading them to two NBA championships in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, he returned to Cleveland and clinched another championship in 2016. In 2018, he joined the Los Angeles Lakers and secured yet another championship title in 202. LeBron’s remarkable on-court success has solidified him as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.


LeBron James is not only recognized for his extraordinary basketball prowess but also for his extensive list of achievements. He has won numerous awards, including MVP titles and gold and bronze medals in Olympic basketball tournaments. Additionally, LeBron has amassed an impressive net worth through endorsement deals and investments.

Net Worth and Endorsements

Beyond his athletic achievements, LeBron James has built a global empire as a highly paid celebrity. With an annual income of around $100 million, he earns a significant amount from NBA salary and endorsement deals.

  • LeBron’s partnership with Nike is legendary. His first Nike endorsement deal, signed at the age of 18, brought in $90 million over seven years. Today, he earns $20 million annually from Nike and has a $1 billion lifetime contract with the brand.
  • In addition to Nike, LeBron’s endorsement deals include partnerships with McDonald’s, Microsoft, State Farm, Coca-Cola, and more. He is known for turning down a $15 million extension offer from McDonald’s to invest in a pizza startup called Blaze Pizza.
  • LeBron’s business ventures extend beyond endorsements. He is a part-owner of Liverpool F.C., which has grown in value and affords him a stake worth at least $40 million.

The Path to Billionaire Status

Considering LeBron James’ current earnings and investment pace, industry experts predict that he will become a billionaire by 2035. With his sharp business acumen and continued success in basketball, LeBron follows in the footsteps of the world’s wealthiest athletes, like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Personal Life and Real Estate

LeBron James has not only dominated on the court but also established an impressive real estate portfolio. From a mansion in Miami’s Coconut Grove to properties in Los Angeles and Ohio, LeBron’s real estate holdings have a combined worth of over $80 million.


LeBron James’ journey from the streets of Akron to global stardom is a testament to his unmatched skills, perseverance, and business savvy. His net worth of $600 million is a reflection of his hard work and relentless pursuit of success both on and off the basketball court. As he continues to amaze fans with his remarkable talent, it won’t be long before LeBron James joins the exclusive billionaire club.

Interesting Facts about LeBron James

  1. #1 overall pick in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. At a 31 March press conference, James had verbally committed to play college basketball at Maryland. (26 June 2003)
  2. Had posters of Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Magic Johnson, Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and himself on the walls of the apartment he shared with his mother.
  3. His mother used her son's future earning power to get a bank loan to buy an $80,000 Hummer H2 for his 18th birthday, prompting an investigation by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Under the OHSAA guidelines, no amateur may accept any gift valued over $100 as a reward for athletic performance. When James later accepted two jerseys from a Cleveland sports store worth $845 in exchange for him posing for pictures to be displayed on its walls, the OHSAA stripped him of his eligibility. James appealed, and a judge blocked the ruling, reducing the penalty to a two-game suspension, allowing the phenom to play the remainder of the season (February 2003)
  4. While he was in high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, NBA superstars, such as Shaquille O'Neal, were in attendance for his games. A few of his games were even televised nationally on ESPN2.
  5. Won Olympic Bronze Medal for USA in 2004 (Basketball)
  6. His favourite film of all time is Friday (1995).
  7. On Forbes' 2006 Richest Young Celebrities List, it is reported he earned $22.5 million in 2005. He was the top earner on the list at age 21.
  8. Children, with high school sweetheart, now wife Savannah Brinson James: sons LeBron James Jr. (b. October 6, 2004) and Bryce James (aka Bryce Maximus James) (b. June 14, 2007 and daughter Zhuri James (b. October 22, 2014).
  9. In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated his earnings for the year to be $27 million.
  10. Won Olympic Gold Medal for USA in 2012 (Basketball).
  11. Signed a lifetime contract with Nike Nov 2011.
  12. Most Valuable Player of The 2016 NBA Finals (2016).
  13. Writes and eats with left hand but shoots with his right hand.
  14. Wore a safety pin on the cover of Sports Illustrated to symbolize a message of support of safety, and protection to minorities, women, immigrants and others who may feel threatened by the election of Donald Trump.[December 2016].
  15. Sports Illustrated named him Sportsperson of the Year for the second time. [December 2016].
  16. Became the first player in NBA history to 27,000 points, 7,000 rebounds and 7,000 assists.[December 2016].
  17. Returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers for an estimated $100 million multi year contract.
  18. Scored 41-points, had 13-rebounds, and 12-assists in game 3 of the 2017 NBA playoffs.
  19. Played the position of small forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. April 2017].
  20. During game 3 of the 2017 NBA playoffs he scored enough points to bring his career total to 5,642 it moved him into third place on the all-time scoring list and lowered Kobe Bryant down to fourth place.

Additional information of LeBron James

Lucky Number10
Lucky StoneTopaz
Lucky ColorBrown
Best Match for MarriageScorpio, Virgo, Taurus
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

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