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Famous American actress and singer, Mabel King had a net worth of $250 thousand at the time of her death. Despite her modest wealth, she gained recognition and critical acclaim for her acting skills, earning a Saturn Award nomination in 1979 for Best Supporting Actress in the film The Wiz.

Key facts:

  • Mabel King was an American actress and singer
  • Her best known role was starring as Mabel 'Mama' Thomas on the television series What's Happening!! from 1976 to 1978.
  • She was nominated for a Saturn Award in 1979 for Best Supporting Actress for The Wiz.
  • King appeared in several films and TV shows like The Jerk, Whiz Kids, Wiseguy, The Jeffersons.
  • Mabel King passed away on November 9, 1999, at 66 years old after losing three of her limbs to illness.

Basic Information About Mabel King

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
Net worth$250,000
Date of birth1932-12-25
Place of birthCharleston
Date of death1999-11-09 (aged 66)
NationalityUnited States of America
Spouse17 June - Melvin King (Β 1967 - 8 SeptemberΒ 1989)Β (divorced)Β (1 child)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Mabel King win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Mabel King awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
TV Land Award - The "She Works Hard for the Money" Award (Favorite Working Mom)NomineeWhat's Happening!!2007

Mabel King roles

Movie / Series Role
The WizEvillene
The JerkMother
Match Game PMSelf - Panelist 1 episode, 1979
Barney MillerMother Zilla 1 episode, 1979
The JeffersonsMother Tobin 1 episode, 1984
Tales from the DarksideRuby Cuzzins 1 episode, 1986
What's Happening!!Mabel 'Mama' Thomas 42 episodes, 1976-1978
WiseguyMae Nina 1 episode, 1988
Match Game 73Self - Panelist 5 episodes, 1978
Fantasy IslandBertha Jones / ... 3 episodes, 1978-1981
Amazing StoriesJennifer Mowbray 1 episode, 1986
Whiz Kids1 episode, 1983
The MasterWillie 1 episode, 1984

Mabel King: Her Life and Net Worth

Mabel King was an American actress and singer born in Charleston, South Carolina in December 1932. Her excellence in the field of acting has been well-regarded and appreciated by the audience. She unfortunately parted ways with the world in November 1999, leaving an incredible legacy behind. Till the time of her death, Mabel King had a net worth of $250,000 which was a testament to her success and hard work.

What was Mabel King Known for?

The late Mabel King is remembered for her dynamic acting career, having portrayed a unique and diverse range of characters that proved her prowess as an actress. However, the one role that stands out the most is of Mabel ‘Mama’ Thomas on the television series What’s Happening!!. She played the role from 1976 to 1978 and it continues to be one of the most loved characters that she brought to life.

Early Life and Education

King’s inclination towards music, as well as acting, started at a very early age. She belonged to a family that valued artistic excellence and creativity. Being from an African-American family, she faced challenges that were peculiar to those times but she persevered and worked hard to achieve her dreams. After high school, she enrolled in local college where she honed her talents and decided to pursue a career in entertainment.


King’s career traces back to her early days when she sang gospel music after joining the Harlem Stars. Later, she moved to New York to make a career in acting where she started performing cabaret. Her initial efforts later paved the way for her Broadway debut in 196 with a role in β€˜The Cool World’. Mabel King’s performances on stage acted as a precursor to her career in television and for many years she continued to work on a lot of hit TV series and films which cemented her reputation as a versatile artist

King gained mainstream recognition with her portrayal on ‘What’s Happening!!’ where she played a lead role. This was not the only credit to her name. She made her mark in some other notable television series such as β€˜The Jeffersons,’ β€˜Wiseguy,’ ‘Scrooged,’ and many more.

Death of Mabel King

Mabel suffered from many health complications. Unfortunately, she lost three of her limbs, after which losing the rest of her was just a matter of time. She passed away on November 9, 1999 this indeed was a loss to the entertainment fraternity and to fans who loved her charisma. Nevertheless, Mabel lives on through her performances that continue to awe new generations.


Mabel King’s contributions to the entertainment industry are remarkable and have been recognized various times. In 1979, she was nominated for the esteemed Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress due to her stellar roles in ‘The Wiz.’

Mabel King will always be remembered for her vibrant spirit and impeccable talent that dared to break the norms of society. Her performances continue to inspire generations of aspiring actors, singers, and entertainers who find solace in her gracing nature.

Interesting Facts about Mabel King

  1. Had one son, Larry, who died in 1996.
  2. In 1986, she lost a toe to diabetes. In 1989, she had a stroke leaving her left side paralyzed and also was virtually speechless for over a year. She lost both her legs. In the 1990s, she almost died in surgery during a hip replacement. She was once dropped by an ambulance crew and another time fell out of her wheelchair face first to the floor. She lost some of her top teeth. She died on November 9, 1999 at 3:55 AM EST at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital. She was cremated.
  3. Her most famous role (both on Broadway and in the screen version) was as Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West, in 'The Wiz'.
  4. She was a conservative Republican and in 1984 was a featured speaker at the Lincoln Memorial for a "Blacks for Reagan" rally; she spoke very passionately in support of Ronald Reagan's re-election.

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