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Piolo Pascual, famous Filipino actor, musician, model, and producer has a net worth of $7 million. Pascual won eight Best Supporting Actor awards from the 2002 film Dekada ’70 and has also won awards such as YES! Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2007 Favorite Actor of the Year.

Key facts:

  • Piolo Pascual is a versatile Filipino actor, musician, model, and producer.
  • He started his acting career in the teen variety show "That's Entertainment" while still in high school.
  • Pascual won eight Best Supporting Actor awards for his portrayal of Jules in the 2002 film "Dekada '70."
  • He ventured into music and released two platinum-awarded albums: "Piolo" and "My Gift."
  • Pascual has also been recognized with various acting and entertainment awards, such as YES! Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards and Mr. Screen Idol at the 2005 FAMAS.

Basic Information About Piolo Pascual

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Presenter, Model, Singer, Musician, Record producer, Film Producer
Net worth$7,000,000
Date of birth1977-01-12 (46 years old)
Place of birthManila
Height5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

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Piolo Pascual: A Quick Overview

Piolo Pascual is a renowned name in the Philippine entertainment industry. He is recognized for his work as an actor, producer, model, and musician. Born in Manila, Philippines, in January 1977, Piolo decided to move to the United States but eventually returned to his passion for acting. With his standout performances and numerous awards over the years, Pascual has become a household name in the Philippine entertainment industry. In this article, we delve further into his biography, net worth, achievements and accomplishments.

Net Worth Details

Piolo Pascual’s net worth is approximately $7 million, making him one of the highest-paid actors in the Philippines. He has earned a considerable sum from his acting roles, such as his eight Best Supporting Actor awards. He has also produced an independent film called Manila in 2009. His successful music career as a certified platinum-selling artist has also contributed significantly to his net worth.


What is Piolo Pascual known for?

Piolo Pascual is primarily recognized for his remarkable acting skills, having received various awards in this field. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Piolo’s iconic work stands out in several hit movies such as “Dekada ’70” and “Starting Over Again,” among many others.

Early life and education

Piolo Pascual was born in Manila, Philippines, in January 1977. In his early years, he discovered his love and talent for the arts. In fifth grade, he joined his school’s theater group, where he would harness his love for the stage. It was in high school that Piolo was discovered by a talent scout and eventually landed a spot on the teen show “That’s Entertainment.” After high school, he took up AB General Education at the University of Sto Tomas but left in his second year to live in the US.


After working for a few years as an ER representative at a hospital in Los Angeles, Piolo Pascual decided to pursue acting again. In the early 200s, he became part of a successful on-screen partnership with fellow actress Judy Ann Santos. He gained critical acclaim in 2002 for his role as Jules Bartolome in the film “Dekada ’70,” where he won eight Best Supporting Actor awards. Pascual has starred in numerous films and television series, becoming one of the most popular and highly paid actors in the Philippines today. Pascual also has a successful music career, releasing several albums recognized by platinum and gold records because of their exceptional quality.


Piolo Pascual is undoubtedly an accomplished and celebrated actor. His acting skills have earned him various awards from different award-giving bodies such as the Asian Television Awards, FAMAS Awards, and the Star Awards. He garnered multiple acting nominations in several of the award-winning projects he worked on. His music career was not left behind since he also bagged the Best Male Recording Artist award at the Awit Awards and Philippines Excellence Awards. This versatile artist continues to bring excellence wherever he goes.

Piolo Pascual as a Humanitarian

Aside from his talent in entertaining people, Piolo Pascual also displays a generous philanthropic side that is just as commendable. In 2003, he became World Vision’s National Ambassador for Children in the Philippines, where he continues his commendable work to support various advocacies that aim to benefit children. Furthermore, Piolo Pascual occasionally holds charity concerts or events that allow him and his fellow artists to use their talents to spread positivity while supporting different social welfare programs like feeding programs and health initiatives.

Final Thoughts

Piolo Pascual’s achievements are proof that this artist can do almost anything he sets his mind to. Not only has he proven himself staring on films and television, but he has also succeeded in music production and humanitarian endeavors. Truly, the Philippine entertainment industry is fortunate to have such an extraordinarily talented individual like Piolo Pascual, and his remarkable legacy in this industry not only speaks of his caliber as an artist, but beacons an inspiration for many aspiring Filipino actors and actresses alike.

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