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Thomas Vinterberg’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. He is a famous Danish film director, writer, actor, and producer. Vinterberg is the co-founder of the Dogme 95 movement and has won over 40 awards in his career.

Key facts:

  • Thomas Vinterberg is a Danish film director, writer, actor, and producer.
  • He co-founded the Dogme 95 movement along with Lars von Trier.
  • He has directed, wrote, and/or produced several critically acclaimed movies such as The Hunt and Far from the Madding Crowd.
  • Vinterberg has won more than 40 awards throughout his career for his incredible contributions to the film industry.
  • In addition to his work behind the camera, he has also acted in the television series Deroute.

Basic Information About Thomas Vinterberg

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsFilm Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film Producer
Net worth$4,000,000
Date of birth1969-05-19 (54 years old)
Place of birthCopenhagen
Curiosities and TrademarksOften casts Danish actor Thomas Bo Larsen
Films often feauture a main character being thrown out of places.
SpouseHelene Reingaard Neumann - (11 JulyΒ 2010 - present)
Maria Walbom - (1990 - 2007)Β (divorced)Β (2 children)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia β†—οΈŽ IMDb

What Movie Awards did Thomas Vinterberg win?


Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


0 0 0 3 47

Thomas Vinterberg awards

Award Name State Movie / Series Name Year
BAFTA Film Award - Best Film Not in the English LanguageWinnerDruk2021
International Feature Award - Best FeatureNomineeDruk2020
Bodil - Best Film (Bedste danske film)NomineeDruk2021
CΓ©sar - Best Foreign Film (Meilleur film Γ©tranger)WinnerDruk2021
Robert - Best Original Screenplay (Γ…rets originale manuskript)WinnerDruk2021
European Film Award - European ScreenwriterWinnerDruk2020
Critics Award - Best Foreign FilmWinnerDruk2021
Audience Award - Canvas Audience AwardWinnerDruk2020
Gold Derby Award - International FeatureWinnerDruk2021
Audience Award - Best Nordic FilmWinnerDruk2021
INOCA - Best Non-English Language FilmNomineeDruk2021
LEJA Award - Best International FeatureNomineeDruk2021
Audience Award - Narrative FeatureWinnerDruk2020
Lux Prize - LUX Audience AwardNomineeDruk2021
MCFCA Award - Best Foreign Language FilmWinnerDruk2021
NDFS Award - Best International FeatureNomineeDruk2021
Feroz Zinemaldia Award - WinnerDruk2020
VFCC Award - Best DirectorNomineeDruk2021
Lux Prize - LUX Audience AwardNomineeColectiv2021
Golden Moon Award - Best FilmNomineeFar from the Madding Crowd2015
Golden Tulip - International CompetitionNomineeFar from the Madding Crowd2015
BAFTA Film Award - Best Film not in the English LanguageNomineeFesten2000
Amanda - Best Foreign Feature Film (Γ…rets utenlandske spillefilm)NomineeFesten1999
BAFTA Film Award - Best Film not in the English LanguageNomineeJagten2013
EDA Award - Best Non-English Language FilmWinnerJagten2013
Silver Condor - Best Foreign Film, Not in the Spanish Language (Mejor PelΓ­cula Extranjera)NomineeJagten2014
CinEuphoria - Best Film - International CompetitionWinnerJagten2014
Audience Award - Best Drama (Bedste drama)WinnerJagten2014
European Film Award - European ScreenwriterWinnerJagten2012
Independent Spirit Award - Best International FilmNomineeJagten2014
Audience Award - Best FilmWinnerJagten2012
Gold Derby Award - Foreign Language FilmNomineeJagten2014
Audience Award - Best International DirectorWinnerJagten2014
Goya - Best European Film (Mejor PelΓ­cula Europea)NomineeJagten2014
INOCA - Best Non-English Language FilmNomineeJagten2014
Most Popular Feature Film - NomineeJagten2012
Nordic Council's Film Prize - WinnerJagten2013
Audience Award - Best Narrative FeatureNomineeJagten2013
Premio Guarani - Best Foreign FilmNomineeJagten2014
Jury Prize - Narrative Feature Film CompetitionNomineeJagten2013
Seattle Film Critics Award - Best Foreign-Language FilmWinnerJagten2014
Golden Space Needle Award - Best DirectorNomineeJagten2013
Sun in a Net - Best Foreign Language Film (NejlepsΓ­ zahranicnΓ­ film)NomineeJagten2014
Audience Award - Best Foreign FilmNomineeJagten2014
Roger's People's Choice Award - WinnerJagten2012
Lux Prize - LUX Audience AwardNomineeBoze Cialo2021
Golden Berlin Bear - NomineeSubmarino2010
Film and Literature Award - WinnerSubmarino2010
Nordic Council's Film Prize - WinnerSubmarino2010
Audience's Award - WinnerSubmarino2011

Thomas Vinterberg roles

Movie / Series Role
Far from the Madding CrowdDirector
FestenTaxi Driver (uncredited)
JagtenSelf (uncredited)
It's All About LoveDirector
It's All About LoveWriter

Thomas Vinterberg's Quotes

  • My whole life has been a very communal experience; growing up in a house full of happy hippies, having dinner parties three days a week, and going to Christiania, I was constantly surrounded by people celebrating community. If you look at the films I've done, they all share that theme.
  • I found I am not an anarchistic form creator; I'm intuitive, and I'm trying to figure out a way to explore human fragility.
  • Denmark can be very small, provincial, and mediocre.
  • I shot a Metallica video in Hollywood, and there were, like, 100 people on set. There was even a guy there to put antiseptic gel on my hands. Amazing. If I asked for that on a Danish set, they'd probably kick me out of the country.
  • The success of 'The Celebration' was like a hand grenade exploding in my face. It suddenly gave me so many opportunities to explore things I had never done before.

The Creative and Multifaceted Thomas Vinterberg

Thomas Vinterberg is widely known for his incredible talents in the film industry. This Danish film director, writer, actor, and producer has been successful throughout his career. Keeping with Dogme 95’s philosophy of deconstructing movie-making rules, Vinterberg’s success has peaked with tons of awards and recognition of his masterpieces.

Net Worth Details

As of 2021, Thomas Vinterberg has an estimated net worth of $4 million. His net worth has been accumulated over his various contributions to the film industry and also through his creative efforts in television and screenwriting.


What is Thomas Vinterberg known for?

Thomas Vinterberg started his film career by co-founding Dogme 95 alongside Lars Von Trier. The movement was formed to simplify and democratize the conventional process of production in the film industry. To him, film should be simple, as it not only helps the actors to concentrate but also improves the health of the budget.

One notable achievement of this movement is the making of the film “The Celebration” in 1998, Thomas Vinterberg’s first international film, which gained recognition during Cannes Film Festival.

Early Life and Education

Vinterberg was born on May 19, 1969, in Copenhagen, Denmark to an influential family. He learned how to write at a very young age and attended the National Film School of Denmark. This was where he sharpened his screenwriting and directing skills, allowing him to graduate to bigger-budget films.


Thomas’ journey in cinema began in 199, with him writing, directing, and producing the self-funded short film “Sneblind”. However, it was with the latter directing efforts that he gained more recognition. In 1995, he co-founded the influential “Dogme 95′ movement together with Lars Von Trier that ran until 2005.

Vinterberg directed the Dogme 95’s first project, the movie ‘The Celebration’ which was released in 1998 and received worldwide recognition. The movie screened in major film festivals worldwide including the Cannes Film Festival where it received a Jury Special Mention and broke many box office records in Denmark.

With over 30 years of producing, writing, and directing movies, Thomas Vinterberg has innovated the cinema for various audiences. In 202, Vinterberg wrote and directed ‘Another Round,’ which stars Mads Mikkelsen. This movie was premiered on September 202 at the Venice Film Festival where it received rave reviews from critics. Since then it has won many awards, such as the BAFTAs for Best International Feature Film/Talkies Critics Award and best International movie based on popular votes.

Death (if applicable)

Thomas Vinterberg is alive and healthy as of his most recent interviews and films. He has had numerous successes in recent years, both behind the camera and as an actor.


Thomas Vinterberg has certainly made his presence known the world over throughout his career. His films have been nominated for numerous awards around the world.

  • The Celebration won various international awards, including Best Film at the Bodil Awards and Grand Prix at the Cannes Film
  • The Command earned Thomas Vinterberg recognition by winning major box office accolades in its native Scandinavian countries.
  • The movie Another Round earned Thomas Vinterberg four nominations for the 2021 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards overall.
  • Winner of the 1995 Danish Academy Award for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ for The Biggest Heroes

A Finishing Touch

In conclusion, Thomas Vinterberg is a brilliant film director, writer, actor, and producer known for his work in the international cinema industry. His Dogme 95′ movie-making philosophy caught the industry by storm, making his name one of the most prestigious when it comes to film-making. The combination of his hardworking nature and innate talent has birthed blockbusters, including “The Hunt,” ‘Another Round,’ and “The Celebration.”

Thomas Vinterberg is highly respected both nationally and internationally in cinema, and he continues to influence the film industry with his creativity and phenomenal works.

Interesting Facts about Thomas Vinterberg

  1. Told "SΓΌddeutsche Zeitung" that he grew up in a socialist community and sometimes misses that lifestyle, although working with a film crew is comparable (1 October 2005).
  2. Was accepted at den Danske Filmskole (Danish Film Academy) as the youngest student ever, at 19 years of age.
  3. Grew up in a Danish hippie community.
  4. Filming his new movie "En mand kommer hjem" in Denmark. [June 2006]
  5. Tel-Aviv Student Film Festival - Special Screening of Festen (1998) [June 2004]
  6. Invited to the royal wedding in Denmark. [May 2004]
  7. Tel-Aviv Student Film Festival - Special Screening of Festen (1998) [June 2004]
  8. Son of film critic SΓΈren Vinterberg.

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