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Bonnie Wright, famous for playing the role of Ginny Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ movie series, has a net worth of $4 million, which she amassed through her acting career, modeling, and production company BonBonLumiere.

Key facts:

  • Bonnie Wright is an English actress who gained international recognition for her portrayal of Ginny Weasley in the 'Harry Potter' film series.
  • Besides acting, she has also established herself as a writer, director, producer, and model during her career.
  • Bonnie formed the production company 'BonBonLumiere' in 2012, and she has written, directed, or produced multiple short films and music videos.
  • She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Filmmaking from the University of the Arts, London, in 2012.
  • Besides her artistic pursuits, Bonnie is an activist and an environmental enthusiast who has supported campaigns like Greenpeace's Ocean Plastics project to reduce plastic pollution.

Basic Information About Bonnie Wright

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsActor, Model, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Film director
Net worth$4,000,000
Date of birth1991-02-17 (32 years old)
Place of birthLondon
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Curiosities and TrademarksHer red hair
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
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Golden Globe

Golder Raspberry


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Bonnie Wright's Quotes

  • (on being asked how she got the role of Ginny Weasley) "Determination. I stayed as Ginny throughout the whole audition."
  • I think everyone sometimes feels intimidated by themselves when they see themselves on the screen.
  • I don't know, it's hard to say before we actually do it. It would be quite weird, wouldn't it, because along with Dan there would be hundreds of people there. - On possibly filming the kissing scene with Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
  • It's been fun to work with all the people, and experience what not everyone gets to do at such a young age.
  • I have had a few people recognize me in public. But I wouldn't like everybody to recognize me. I can still walk across the street and not be noticed. If I was Daniel Radcliffe I think I would find it much harder to deal with.

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Bonnie Wright’s Life, Career and Net Worth

Bonnie Wright is a multi-talented figure in the entertainment industry who resides in Yorkshire, England. Not only is she a talented actress, but also she is a film producer, director and model having achieved significant success throughout varied career paths she has pursued over the years. Bonnie is best known for her role as Ginny Weasley in the highly popular β€œHarry Potter” franchise which made her a household name across the globe. Here is an overview of her personal life, career, awards and net worth.

Early Life and Education

Bonnie Wright was born in London, England on February 17, 1991, to Sheila Teague and Gary Wright. Her parents are both jewelers who own the firm Wright and Teague. Bonnie has an elder brother called Lewis, who once perceived that his sister may be just perfect for a role that required a female lead for a movie they had previously seen. Bonnie did not have any professional acting experience at this point, but after her brother’s referral, she secured an audition for the movie’s producers. Despite the stiff competition she faced during the audition itself, the passion she had for acting stood out, and she landed the role of Ginny Weasley in the β€œHarry Potter” movie franchise.

Bonnie attended Prior Weston Primary School as well as The King Alfred School. While still acting in the Harry Potter movies, she continued with her lessons through her daily tutor who would be received at the estate where they were being shot from Monday to Friday.

After the Harry Potter film series, Bonnie enrolled at University of the Arts London and pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in filmmaking. Her course focused on training students on how to direct films, write screenplays and to script films. She graduated in 2012, an accomplished filmmaker and actress impressed by her lecturers, especially for the inclusion of feminist studies in her film lessons.


Bonnie got her lucky break after auditioning in 200 when looking for new young performers to star in the long-anticipated film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, following her brother’s recommendation on how much she reminds him of Ginny. After that success, she consumed the role with her contagious performances being relied upon year after year to reproduce magic with each Harry Potter movie’s new release. Even after she quit acting following the end of the film series, Bonnie continued to work behind the camera developing unique creative visions and successfully conveying them to audiences.

Aside from acting, Bonnie is also a director and producer. She founded BonBonLumiere in 2012, her own self-funded production company which helped to cultivate her career as a female filmmaker promoting representation and equality in the entertainment industry. At just 20, Bonnie made the firm effort of writing an idea intended for a film to create her first supervised project which was β€œSeparate we come,” an extraordinary demand given that young filmmakers almost always partner with producers. That production presumably started Bonnie’s likeness to filmmaking as well as produced distinct engagements and more contracts to come.

Eventually, she had other film releases and screenings which successfully strengthened the entertainment brand she represented. Bonnie held a desire to promote balanced relationships between men and women across cultural productions and strived to adapt these beliefs into the projects different depictions in movies and growing within current projects.

Awards and Nominations

In 2011 and 2012, Bonnie Wright was recognised for her contribution to cinema by the British Academy, BAFTA.Β 

  • 2011 SHE nominated for an award as an β€œOrange Rising Star”
  • Her 2012 mention was a nominee for special recognition which commends the most excellent debut performances in the film industry.

In the Harry Potter movie series, Bonnie was part of the cast in ten movies. Together with her castmates, the British actress won numerous awards such as Screen Actors Guild Awards, People’s Choice Awards and MTV Music awards. Bonnie also got recognition from the National Film Awards, for which she won The best actress nominated category in the 2014 year officially named ‘After the Dark’ as her film.

What Is Bonnie Wright’s Net Worth?

Bonnie has had an illustrious career that has seen her play a crucial character in one of the decade’s most popular film franchises. Her net worth has increasingly born testimony to this success. Her fortune is estimated to be around $4 million with even more potential to grow as she continues to direct and write screenplays. Bonnie continues to redefine what it means to be an actress today spicing people’s imagination through creativity and invention showcasing her brilliance annually.`

Interesting Facts about Bonnie Wright

  1. Can sing and play the piano.
  2. Plays soccer and surfs.
  3. Does ballet, modern, and African dance.
  4. Likes art; prefers working with clay to drawing.
  5. Has an older brother named Lewis.
  6. Favourite band is The Killers and she also enjoyed Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age, and Kasabian at the "Carling Festival" in Leeds.
  7. Favourite actress is Nicole Kidman.
  8. Her parents are Gary Wright and Sheila Teague; they are jewelers.
  9. She'd like to play Violet in the Unfortunate Events series, if another movie is ever made.
  10. She has visited the United States, Australia, India, Spain, Italy, Finland and France.
  11. Ranked #5 by Portrait Magazine for Favorite Celebrities by Fan's vote. Her "Harry Potter" co-star, Emma Watson, also ranked #4.
  12. Close friend to her "Harry Potter" co-star Emma Watson.
  13. Bonnie ranked #2 in Portrait Magazine Top 30 under 30 for 2009. Cast mates Evanna Lynch, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe also made the list on the 3rd, 5th, 8th, 14th and 18th places, respectively.
  14. During the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010), Wright will be attending London's University of the Arts to study film and television. She plans to continue acting and to work behind the scenes after "Harry Potter".
  15. Glamour Magazine listed her one of the 35 Most stylish women of 2010. They praise her red carpet looks and even name her the next Cate Blanchett.
  16. Was engaged to Jamie Campbell Bower.
  17. Filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010). [September 2009]
  18. Presenting Me and My Movie Award in Children Bafta Awards. [December 2008]
  19. Filming Harry Potter en de halfbloed prins (2009). [October 2007]
  20. Filming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007). [2006]

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