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Famous American actress and drama coach Ellen Dow had a net worth of $2 million. She is best known for playing the rapping grannie Rosie in the movie The Wedding Singer and had acted in more than 100 credits, including the titles like The Twilight Zone, Seinfeld, and Will & Grace before passing at 101 years old.

Key facts:

  • Ellen Dow was an American actress and drama coach
  • She had over 100 acting credits to her name
  • Ellen Dow was perhaps best known for her role as Rosie aka the "rapping grannie" in the movie The Wedding Singer
  • Dow starred as Grandma Harriet Krupp on the television series Maybe It's Me from 2001 to 2002
  • She appeared in several films including Sister Act, Wedding Crashers, Road Trip, Patch Addams, Ready to Rumble and also in various television series including ER, Seinfeld, Will & Grace and Scrubs

Basic Information About Ellen Dow

CategoryCelebrities β€Ί Actors
ProfessionsTeacher, Actor, Choreographer
Net worth$2,000,000
Date of birth1918-11-16 (105 years old)
Place of birthMount Carmel
NationalityUnited States of America
Height4 ft 10 in (1.49 m)
Social Mediaβ†—οΈŽ Wikipedia

Ellen Dow: A Life Full of Acting and Drama Coaching

Ellen Dow, born in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, was a prominent American actress and drama coach known for her extraordinary performances. The actress passed away in May 2015, leaving behind an impressive resume of over 100 acting credits to her name and a net worth of $2 million.

What is Ellen Dow known for?

Ellen Dow was best known for her performance as Rosie, the rapping grannie in the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer. However, that’s not the only thing she’s known for – Ellen Dow made a name for herself through varied roles throughout her long carreer. Many of these roles encompass resepcted pieces of television history and well-loved movies.

Early life and education

Ellen Dow was born in November 1913, and grew up as one of five siblings. She attended Penn State as an undergraduate and then earned a Master’s degree from Columbia University. She became fascinated by drama and imparted her fascination to generations of actors to come.


Ellen Dow’s talent and hard work led to a long acting career that spans over six decades. Her acting resume includes numerous television shows from the 197s onwards, starring in beloved series such as Mr. Belvedere, Beauty and the Beast, Moonlighting, Webster, The Golden Girls, The Wonder Years, Family Matters, ER and Will & Grace. She also managed to make an impact in some of Hollywood’s blockbuster films, including Sisters Act, 54 and Wedding Crashers. Besides her outstanding acting skills, Ellen Dow was well respected in the field of drama coaching. He served Kutztown State College and later went on to teach young enthusiastic learners at her own drama studio in Los Angeles until her true retirement in 2007. Ellen Dow left behind a huge legacy of accomplished individuals who studied under her.

The Golden Years

Perhaps one of her most memorable roles was as Rusty’s grandmother in the family comedy Maybe It’s Me from 2001 – 2002, produced under Warner Bros. She certainly won the hearts of children– and their parents too!– throughout her portrayal of the character Grandma Harriet Krupp. Later on in her life, Dow continued her powerful legacy with a recurring role on Hannah Montana. Even while 98-years-old, she still commanded great respect from all corners of the set.


Ellen Dow won numerous awards throughout her career for her incredible roles. Although she was a consistently recognized actress, the biggest award even given to her came in October of 2011, when the small town in Pennsylvania where she was born and raised designated October 21st as “Ellen Dow Day”. This officially recognized her presence both far and wide but also back home.

The acting world is undoubtedly worse off since Ellen Dow’s passing in May of 2015. A legend in her own right, the actress’ endearing laugh and warm smile will now be dearly held memories for those she worked alongside too. However, her teachings as both an actress and coach will remain, inspiring young actors to reach new heights of their craft for generations to come.

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